Many people, when they’re leaving home and in a rush, will grab their essential items: their smartphone, earbuds and watch. In this way, versatile wearable devices have now become essential items that we can’t go without. From managing our day to accentuating our look, wearables’ roles continue to expand.

Samsung Newsroom tested out the new, powerful Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Buds2, which together offer a tool for enjoying media content, a channel that connects you to the outside world, and a personal assistant that manages your schedule and your health.

When you want to clearly express your uniqueness, the simplest and most effective way is to change the watch strap. Samsung offers a colorful lineup of straps, so you can create your own unique style.

How has the Galaxy Watch4’s Wearable Ecosystem expanded?

Featuring One UI Watch and Wear OS Powered by Samsung, the Galaxy Watch4 functions like it’s one with your smartphone.

Tap the Google Play icon on the home screen and you’ll see various categories of apps, including ‘Applications from Your Phone’, ‘Recommended Applications’, ‘Audio Streaming’, ‘Clock Applications’ and more. You can quickly find the app you’d like to use.

How can I customize my Galaxy Watch4?

Make your watch your own with custom-made watch faces and detailed fitness data.

Can the Galaxy Watch4 keep up with my busy day?

Usability has been significantly enhanced with processor, display and memory upgrades.

From enjoying content to voice calls, how much has Samsung enhanced the Galaxy Buds2’s performance?

Utilize colorful features that can help you concentrate on sounds wherever you are.

Can the Galaxy Buds2 accentuate your look like a piece of jewelry?

The lightest model in the Buds series yet, the Galaxy Buds2 fit perfectly in your ears with their compact size.

Are the Galaxy Buds2 comfortable for long-term use?

With multiple ear tip sizes and an earbud fittest, the Galaxy Buds2 are designed to fit snugly in your ears.

How has Samsung strengthened the Galaxy Buds2’s connectivity within the Galaxy Ecosystem?

Enjoy smooth transitions between devices with Auto Switch, and connect the Galaxy Buds2 to the Galaxy Watch4 to customize settings.

You can also adjust Galaxy Buds2 settings on your Galaxy Watch4. Simply launch the Galaxy Watch4’s Buds Controller app and you’ll be able to view your earbuds’ status and adjust various settings. You can turn noise cancellation on or off, change touch control settings, and even view how much battery your earbuds have at any time, allowing you to enjoy a smarter wearable experience.


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