As a result of the sanctions imposed on Pakistan after the war of 1965, China began to look to Pakistan to meet its defense needs. But also practical cooperation.

In the September war, the Pakistani army had mostly American-made weapons.


After the end of the war, Russia on the one hand, and Chinese tanks and other military equipment on the other hand were selected. Pakistan could receive limited supplies from Russia, but depending on the Chinese copy of the Russian tank T-54 for the Pakistan Army. Large-scale acquisition, with a 100 mm grenade gun, proved to be a good tank.

In the 71st war, the Pakistan Army used these tanks on various fronts. The war ended. In the 80s and 90s, Pakistan felt the need for new and better tanks that were not only effective at night but also cheaper.

In the field of defense, it is necessary to be self-sufficient and to replace old equipment with time, so it was decided to upgrade the old T-59 tanks over time. The changes were so big and important that the old T-tank 59 transformed into a brand new tank.

All this was done in Pakistan’s Heavy Industries Taxila – where the T59 tank was undergoing repairs, the same factory was used to build a new tank – the T59 was converted into the Al Zarrar tank.

The other tanks of the Pakistan Army including Khalid, T-85 II, T-80 UD proved to be a good asset for the Pakistan Army. The old 100 mm cannon was replaced with a 125 mm cannon. In addition to anti-tank missiles, it is also capable of firing missiles.

Fifty new modern modifications were made to the T59 tank, which went through various prototypes and stages, after which regular serial production began in January 2003 at Heavy Industry Taxila.

The tank was first unveiled to the public and media at the official level on March 23, 2000, then became part of Ideas 2000 globally.

Specifications of the tank:

The tank is equipped with a semi-auto-loading and reaming system for loading ammunition. Smoke dischargers are also installed on the battlefield to keep the tank out of sight of the enemy on the battlefield. Has an anti-aircraft gun.

Its engine is 580 horsepower, and an explosive reactive armor has been used to protect the crew from enemy attack. There is also a laser range finder to improve the tank’s capability.


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