With the advancement of technology, online Earning has become a common thing. Girls who cannot go out of the home now can earn at their sweet homes. Modern devices like computers, laptops,, and mobile help them to earn online. In many developing countries a lot of people are earning their lively hood online. There are several methods through which you can earn online. Many students also want to earn money without investment but services. These are the best ways to earn online. Following these, they can meet their expenses easily and can enjoy a good meal, clothes, and rides.

Techburaq will explain one by one. Read carefully and opt for any of these to make the lives of your family very easy. You only need passion, effort, hard work, a laptop, and a good connection to earn money online.

Earn Through Freelancing:

Freelancing in emerging online work in South Asia. If you know typing then you can provide services of typing to any company. If one has skills in editing, graphic designing, video editing, photography, translation, web designing, website development, mobile app development, and software developing then freelancing is the best way to earn online money in Pakistan.

Make money through Blogging:

Blogging is the way to create your own writing, photography, and media on your website and it is published online. If you have the techniques of writing blogs then there are multiple fields that can provide you the way to write a blog. Blog writing is a very useful method to earn online money in Pakistan. Blog writing is free easy and complete fun to earn money.

YouTube Channels:

YouTube is the platform where billions of people post their content, watch movies, documentaries, matches, and thousands of tutorials. Different people having skills in food making, newscasters, analysts are using YouTube to propagate their specialties. Many channels like sports, news, Technology, Food, Movies, Dramas, Songs, and religion are working. You can create your own channel and can earn millions of dollars online in Pakistan.

By creating a Website:

If you want to earn online in Pakistan then there is no problem earning through a website. Your knowledge about the fields of Accounting, IT, Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, Lawyers, Business, and journalism can help you to sell your words and photos on your website. You can establish your Website on WordPress or Blogging and can earn money online in Pakistan.

Social Media advertising campaigns:

Social media campaigns include marketing that is designed to put the influence of a product or idea. It is always about a service, product, and brand. If you are jobless then learn the basic skills of Social Media advertising campaigns and earn money online in Pakistan. You can provide these services to any company, brand, and person. This field has much potential and carries the future of the social media campaign expert.

Theses Writing:

The thesis is an important concept in college and University in Pakistan. If you have better education, unique ideas, and brilliant writing then you can sell it online. There are many students in Pakistan who seek services in Thesis writing. You can approach them online and can provide services to them. Many students and thesis editing experts provide thesis writing services and earn about one lac rupees per Thesis. If you are focused then you can write a thesis in one month easily and can earn 0.1 million in 30 days.

On-demand Ride Services:

If you are a student or jobless with an empty pocket then you can provide on-demand ride services to sellers, Uber Creem, Food Panda, Bykea, and Grocery delivering companies like Cheetah in Pakistan. This includes home delivery and freight services. You can provide these services according to your time and availability. You can earn according to your need and availability of time.

Online Data Entry:

Data entry is a very easy and good job. Many companies in the USA, UK, and Canada, and even Pakistan seek low-wedges staff. In the USA, UK, and Canada, there are high wages for these jobs. So organizations seek low-wedges staff in developing countries. The Internet makes their work easy and many educated people earn money through data entry.

Affiliate Marketing:

If one has a Facebook page, any website, or YouTube channel then he or she can earn much money through affiliate marketing. There are many websites in the world that provide opportunities for affiliate marketing in Pakistan. Students can earn by this opportunity and can collect many Dollars in their pocket.

From Facebook/Twitter and Instagram:

Facebook is the largest social platform in the world. There are Billions of users of Facebook and Instagram. Only a few minutes’ stoppages of this social website shook the whole world. It means no one can deny the importance of Facebook. You can earn money by writing on Facebook, by posting ads on it. By Joining Local Buy and Sell Groups, by Selling on Facebook Marketplace, by Creating Facebook Ads and by creating a page on these social platforms to earn money.

Online Reseller:

Online earning in Pakistan has grabbed the attention of people, especially the young generation in Pakistan. Day by day every educated and those who know little about technology think about online earning. Many online institutions also provide training to resale products online in Pakistan. Using platforms like Daraz and Alibaba you can sell products and can earn money online.

Renting a Car:

If you have a car or any other vehicle then you can earn by it. You have to share it with other and earn money through rent a car. Many people who have a car or any other vehicles, rent them and earn money through them. There are many websites that help in renting your vehicle or car. This online business helps to earn money in Pakistan. For this business, you don’t need to make showroom or a rent a car center. Just go online and rent your car quickly.

Online Tutoring:

Masood is a poor boy with four family members. Father is so old that he cannot earn for them. Masood is a student of the 10th class and also Hafiz-e-Quran. One of his fellows told him that his tutor also teaches online Quran in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States. Masood picked the idea and started to teach Quran online. Then he also teaches other science, math, and English online. Now he earns enough money to feed his family. You can also take this idea and can earn a lot of money for your parents and sisters.

Paid Reviews:

The best way to get paid to write reviews is to publish content on your own website. This way you retain full control over the business and can scale it over time. Many people are earning thousands of dollars per month writing simple product reviews on their blogs, and you can start doing the same thing right now.

You can also write reviews of Products, companies, and personalities at a time. This practice makes you a good writer and analyst at a time. You can also review the gadgets on your Web Channel and website and can earn Dollars online.

Through Animation:

Animation is a process in which figures are handled to appear as moving images. In old-style animation, images are drawn and painted by hand on transparent celluloid sheets to be photographed. Today, furthermost animations are finished with computer-generated imagery. You can learn animation from online lectures or from an institution. Then you can make your life easy forever. I personally like this field because it is a cool and charming field where you can apply your talent to produce the best film, image, and documentary.

By Entrepreneurship:

In Pakistan, unemployment and inflation have taken their place. A single man cannot afford the whole family. To meet expenses both males and females have to earn to feed their stomachs. The online platform has produced many male and female entrepreneurs in Pakistan. There is millions of example where men and women are earning billions of dollars in Pakistan. So, taking lead, start entrepreneurship, and earn money online in Pakistan.

Micro niche:

It is a subclass of a broader niche and in simple terms, micro-niche blogging is the sub-topic of the main niche, with a specific appeal. You have to select the niche and then have to write blogs on it. There are many girls who are working on micro-niche and earning money through it.

As a marketer:

Digital marketing is an emerging field in the world. As people pushing back from papers then digital marketing is taking place. Social media like Facebook and Instagram have also made this field important. As a digital marketer, you can earn a lot of money online. One has to learn the basic tools of marketing and then jump into this field.

Taking Online Surveys:

In the last few days, boys carrying a tablet came to me and ask about the feature of that tablet. Surprisingly that feature was about the age of a boy or girl. After enquiring it has come to the knowledge that the boy was working for an organization that conducts a survey online and sale their data to the government and advertisers. You can also become a survey conductor and can earn money online. This is much interesting online work and provides you with multidimensional knowledge.

As a media influencer:

One can also earn money after becoming a media influencer. Web Channels provide then this opportunity. This is a very easy way to earn money online in Pakistan. You need to learn basic skills and start as a media influencer in Pakistan. There is no hustle and bustle in this way of online earning. You can sell your ideas and words on this platform. Fame and money are at your doorstep. Go out and shake your hand with them.


From the above discussion, it is concluded that online earning is very easy and it is the platform that provides you the chance to become a millionaire. It is a suggestion for you to opt online world and grab the money on your part. If you are a government employee or work in a private organization then also become part of this stage and earn money online in Pakistan. This not only fills your pockets with Dollars but also fills your mind with modern techniques. You can get yourself with emerging technology and trends of the world. So don’t waste your time and jump into the field of online learning in Pakistan.


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