Employees of US technology companies Google and Amazon, a leading online business website, have demanded the cancellation of a deal with Israel.

According to the US website The Hill, more than 400 employees of Amazon and Google, in a joint letter published in a British newspaper, have called on their companies to suspend the agreement reached with the Israeli army and the Israeli government.

The two companies are thought to have signed an agreement with the Israeli government and the Israeli military this year to provide cloud services worth more than $ 1.2 billion.

The letter said the agreement was reached in May at a time when 250 people, including 60 children, had been killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

Employees say that the services provided by our companies will strengthen the systematic discrimination against Palestinians by the Israeli army and government and the cruel process of evicting them from their homes.

It should be noted that the letter written by the employees of both the companies did not reveal their names.

According to the US website, there has been no response to the letter from Amazon and Google.


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