The streaming website Netflix says that the super hit South Korean show “Squid Game” has become the most popular original series of the streaming service.

According to a report by the British news agency ‘Reuters’, in this thrilling drama series of 9 episodes, children’s games are played by luring the debt-ridden people to win 45.6 billion ($38 million) and the loser.

The drama series has become popular all over the world in less than a month.


Innumerable memes have been made on this drama series while the green tracksuits of the candidates who are part of the game have also become the center of attention.

The squid game has also sparked a debate about the toxic competitive societies in South Korea and sparked new interest in Korean culture and language around the world.

Netflix posted on Twitter that “Squid Game has officially reached 111 million fans, making it the largest series ever launched.”

Released on September 17, the series has garnered so many views in just 27 days that it has easily surpassed the British costume drama ‘Bradgarton’, which was streamed on 82 million accounts in the first 28 days.

Netflix provides limited information for viewing data on its platform and provides this data in a variety of ways.

Netflix’s 28-day debut figures for Bradgarton and other shows included accounts that watched an episode for at least 2 minutes.


Ted Serendous, co-CEO, and chief content officer of the streaming site, said at a tech conference in California last month that the streaming service was amazed at how popular Squid Game had become.

“We didn’t see it in terms of global popularity,” he said.

Netflix had said it would invest $ 500 million in South Korean-made materials this year.


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