Fujifilm has introduced a new anesthesia printer that allows you to quickly print photos from smartphones.

Instax Link Wide Smartphone Printer connects to the smartphone via Blue Tooth and prints the images in the camera roll.

According to the company, the printer can also transfer and print images directly from Fujifilm’s XS10 Mirrorless Camera without the need for a smartphone.

This new printer runs on batteries and can print up to 100 prints on a single charge.

Customers are provided with 2 printing modes, Anesthesia Rich and Anesthesia Natural, which will be available in a range of different colors.

The Instax Link app can also be used with 30 filters, collages, text, digital stickers, and frame templates.

The Instax printer supports Fuji film wide-format film, which will cost $ 20, while the Instax 300 wide camera can also be used.

Fuji Film has also introduced a new anesthesia-wide film which will cost $ 22 per packet.

The Instax Link Wide smartphone printer is priced at $ 150 and will be available by the end of October.


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