This is the car that has the potential to shake the market. You may not have heard of it, nor seen it on the road, but the MG5 electric station wagon is the cheapest electric car on the market with its new long-range large battery pack per kilometer.

The company claims that you can go up to 400 kilometers or 250 miles on a single charge, and that makes sense. Depending on how you drive and the outside temperature (cold weather doesn’t like batteries), you can easily travel up to 514 kilometers or 320 miles on the accelerator with a light hand and low speed. If you are running very fast you can drag it up to 240 km or 150 miles.

MG 5

The ‘special’ level of facilities I tried will give you all the automation and connectivity you would expect from a new family car. All this for about 65 lakh rupees (28 thousand pounds). And if you go to a broker, you can get it at a lower price. The seven-year company warranty is in addition.

It rivals the Fiat New 500 Electric in terms of what I wrote about last week. However, this car is clearly cuter and more fashionable than the old-fashioned state car. I mean, who makes state cars these days? If you like to be trendy, MG also sells you an SUV version of this model called HS, but the story is different.

The MG5 is so successful and so well priced that it’s only because it’s Chinese. MG has nothing to do with old British MG sports cars other than today’s name.

The brand has become the property of Shanghai Automotive following the collapse of MG Rover and the once world-renowned Long Bridge Company in Birmingham. It is the leader of new battery-electric car technologies in the near future, along with Chinese South Korea.

As a better strategy, Beijing had long ago concluded that it could not compete with large German- and Japanese-origin companies in traditional, internal combustion engine vehicles, so it had to compete with them in the electric sector. Tried to jump.

He has also learned some secrets of successful, efficient mass production from his many (mandatory) partnerships with Western companies. Started investing heavily in raw materials supplies such as lithium and cobalt and R&D, and anyone attending the Shanghai Auto Show will be amazed at the progress they have made in terms of innovation and experience.

The Chinese were once known for making humorously terrifying models of anything from Daewoo Maria to the Rolls-Royce Phantom. It is now the West that looks to China for the future of the auto industry. I do not want to comment on the geopolitical implications of all this.

Specifications of MG5 Car:


MG5 EV Long Range Excite

Price: 28995 pounds

Engine: Single electric motor, 57kWh battery-powered front drive

Power (BHP): 156

Top speed: 185 km per hour

Range: 400 km

CO2 emissions: 0.

This otherwise remarkable compact state car is an unexpected symbol of Chinese industrial supremacy. The driver’s experience is very pleasant. It has a keyless entry, so you just go to it, sit inside, fasten the seat belt, press the start button, turn on the automatic gear control and walk almost silently.

You get an easy-to-use satellite navigation and environment control system, no cruise control, emergency automatic braking, lane assist, and reverse camera to get you where you want to go. The electric leather seats are warm and comfortable, and there’s plenty of space inside.

It is also a very lively car and has enough power to keep the tires moving at times. It feels light to drive, which is usually different from the solid heavy German feeling we’ve endured in our cars, but that’s not a bad thing.

MG5 just seems to be on a successful diet, and this aspect must have been in mind in its preparation and development. It weighs 1.5 tons, which is similar to the performance of 1.8 tons of Kia Nero.

The MG’s handling is good, not uncommon, so you won’t want to push it too far, but the relatively high ride prevents it from hitting the ground on rural and urban routes. You can set the car to a normal, economy or sports setting but it doesn’t seem to matter much in its main role.

The downsides are few. Technically, due to the size of the battery pack, it seems a bit slow to charge compared to some of its competitors.

If you are the type of person for whom excellence in plastic and interior design is paramount, you will probably be happy with a very stylish VWID3 or electric Volvo XC40 recharge, but they are more expensive and their Limit is low.


The anonymous MG5 won’t impress anyone because of its shape (although the front end is great and bold, influenced by contemporary VWs), or one that everyone looks back on but at the moment the wheels But this is the most important thing.

We all know that the biggest hurdle in getting an electric car is just the cost – the usual 00 10,000 premium on the equivalent of new petrol, which is expensive anyway. Leasing projects easily hide the difference between being cheap, but the problem is still there.


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