Former national cricket team captain and wicketkeeper Moin Khan has said that there is no ‘slip’ to join the cricket team, but being ‘Khan’ is enough.

In ‘To Be Honest’, Moin Khan also spoke openly about his cricket career, the policies of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), and new cricketers.

Moin Khan said that his first foreign tour was to Bangladesh after joining the under-19 cricket team and he did not have to resort to any ‘slip’ to join the national team.

Instead of giving a clear answer to a question, the former cricketer said, “Who gets selected in the cricket team by playing?” At the same time, he clarified on the second question that there is no ‘slip’ for joining the national team.

Moin Khan clarified that there is no ‘slip’ for joining the team, however, during the selection, the selectors ‘push’ the players, and only those people who have some talent are pushed.

Asked about the low turnout of Karachi players as compared to Punjab players, Moin Khan said that there was a slight difference but the main reason was that the cricket board was headquartered in Punjab.

According to Moin Khan, in the past when the head office of the cricket board was in Karachi, the players here were more elected. Now that the central board is in Punjab, the players there are apparently elected by a majority.

In response to a question, Moin Khan clarified that the rumors that Imran Khan had invested the money of the players in the construction of the hospital after the 1992 World Cup victory were false.

According to him, after winning the World Cup, every player got his share and Imran Khan had made a separate donation for the construction of a cancer hospital.

In response to another question, Moin Khan said that when Umar Akmal came into cricket and he saw a catch slipping from his hand, he was relieved and thought that someone bigger than him had come to the field. ۔

The former captain said that his son Azam Khan is in cricket based on his talent, but it is also true that he has benefited from being his father’s cricketer and people will keep telling him that he was selected on a ‘slip’.

It may be recalled that Moin Khan joined the cricket team in 1990 and remained in the team till 2005.


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