English Cricket Board Chairman Ian Whatmore has apologized to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for refusing to tour Pakistan and has promised to make every effort for the tour next year.

It should be noted that this month the New Zealand team had canceled the tour of Pakistan on the grounds of security after its arrival in Pakistan and a few days after the refusal of New Zealand, England also refused to send its men’s and women’s teams to Pakistan.

According to Kirk Info, in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Whatmore said that one of the reasons for refusing the tour was security, but the welfare of the players was given top priority.

“I apologize to all those who have been hurt by this decision, especially in Pakistan, and what the board decided was very difficult to decide,” he said.

“I don’t want to go into details but we received recommendations regarding security and the well-being of the players and that is why we took this decision,” he said.

The head of the English board added that we had to make a decision soon in view of the short time in the World Cup and the return of New Zealand from Pakistan. In this regard, many things were taken into consideration but the welfare of the players was the most important thing.

It is worth mentioning here that the England team was visiting Pakistan for the first time since 2005 while the English women’s team has not visited Pakistan to date and this was their first visit to Pakistan.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was outraged by the decision and demanded that England give reasons, while English journalists and former cricketers themselves opposed the cancellation of the tour.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had also expressed anger at the English Cricket Board for refusing to send men’s and women’s teams to Pakistan.

The Times report claimed that the English board wanted to find a way to continue the tour of Pakistan but the team England Players Partnership intervened and the tour could not take place. The partnership is actually a unit between the players’ union which Represents England’s central contract players.

However, the England Players’ Association later rejected the reports, saying the decision to withdraw from the team’s tour of Pakistan next month had nothing to do with English cricketers.

Whatmore confirmed that the decision was not made by the players and that there was no extensive consultation. The decision was made by the board itself. If we decide to continue the tour, we will have a representative body of players and professional cricket. Recommendations had to be made to the association but the matter had not reached this level.

“The visit was affected by the situation after the recent withdrawal from Afghanistan. It was not the right time for the visit, but we have plenty of time to plan for the 2022 visit,” he said.

“We need to improve relations with Pakistan and our focus is on going there in 2022 because it was not the right time,” Ian Whatmore said.

He said that he was very grateful to Pakistan for his visit to England last year and would do his best to make his team’s visit to Pakistan possible next year.


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