Skype is a popular video calling service, but now it has problems compared to others, including Zoom, Google Mate, and WhatsApp.

That’s why Microsoft has announced a number of changes to Skype.

The trial of this new Skype is being planned and according to the company, it will become a faster, more reliable, and innovative service than ever before.

These changes to Skype will be available to users in the coming months.

One of the major changes in the new grid display is which all the people involved in the call can be added, even if the video is off, but it will be possible to see all the participants.

New themes and layouts are also being added to provide new options for the calling user interface.

Users will be able to choose a content view with the larger gallery, together mode, grid view, and speaker view.

The mobile version will have side panels, colorful themes, and refresh icons.

“We’re not just focusing on design changes, we’re also improving performance,” Microsoft said.

The company claims that the performance of the Android version of Skype will improve by about 2,000% after the new update, while the desktop version will improve by up to 30%.

Microsoft also said it plans to provide Skype support for all web browsers in the future to provide users with the best possible experience.

Costume sound notifications and twin cams are also new features.


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