Muzaffarabad: Draw No 87, Rs 200 Prize bond Draw list 2021 announced today on 15th Sept 2021 (Wednesday) at Muzaffarabad.

According to the representative of National Savings, the worth of the Rs 200 prize bond 1st prize is PKR 750,000, the worth of the 2nd prize is PKR 250,000, and the worth of 3rd prize is PKR 1,250.

Check draw #87 of the Rs 200 prize bond on this page easily; winners of these prize bond numbers are mention below.

Winner’s Draw List Of Rs 200 Prize bond

Bond Worth City Date First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
Rs 200 PKR Muzaffarabad 15 Sep, 2021 750,000 PKR 250,000 PKR 1,250 PKR

You can check Rs 200 prize bond Winner’s list here.


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