The agreement between Trenton, a software company that duplicates research papers, and HEC could not be restored due to fears of stalling of theses and research work in universities across the country, including Lahore.

According to the details, the software company Trenton, which has been found to be copying the research papers of university teachers and students, has announced to suspend the service of Pakistani universities.

The agreement between the Trenton administration and HEC expired in June.

According to an email issued by the Trenton administration, the service will not be provided due to non-payment by the Higher Education Commission, after which M.Phil and Ph.D. theses will not be available in all the universities of Punjab.

Teachers will not be able to submit national and international dissertations due to the non-plagiarism of student research papers.

According to the teachers and students, the work of theses and research papers in the universities will be stopped and the process of philanthropy check of the assignments of BS and Masters students will also be suspended.


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