South Korea’s regulatory body has fined Google nearly $180 million for misusing its dominance in the mobile operating system and app market.

According to the report, the fine is a new addition to regulatory action against technology giants around the world.

It comes just weeks after the ban was imposed. The regulatory body states that Google has blocked the market competition trend through an ‘anti-fragmentation agreement’ that prevents smartphone makers from installing modified versions of Android, called ‘Android Forks’.

KFTC added in a statement that this prevented device makers from launching new products with new services. Antitrust Watchdog fined Google ($ 176.8 million) in local currency.

The Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) has been investigating Google since 2016 for allegedly preventing Samsung Electronics, a local smartphone maker, from customizing its Android OS.

Last week, a U.S. judge ordered Apple to loosen control over its App Store payment system in a legal battle with Fort Knight’s Apex Games.

Google and Apple dominate the online app market in South Korea. It is the 12th largest economy and is known for its technological capabilities.

According to data from the Ministry of Science in Seoul, the Google Play Store’s revenue in 2019 was more than five billion dollars, which is 63% of the country’s total revenue.


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