Over the past 12 months, Xiaomi’s Smartphone sales have grown significantly, ranking first globally.

Xiaomi later became the world’s second-largest smartphone maker for the first time during the April-June 2021 quarter, pushing Apple to third place.

Similarly, in June 2021, Xiaomi for the first time surpassed Samsung to become the world’s number one company for at least a month.

But will it be able to maintain its number one position instead of Samsung for more than a month?

Not in the short term, but in the coming months, the Chinese company is determined to overtake Samsung to become the world’s number one company.

Xiaomi chief Lai Jun is confident that the company has gained momentum and will continue to do so.

He clarified that within the next 3 years, Xiaomi will become the world’s number one Smartphone Company.

“We dare to say out loud that Xiaomi is determined to become the world’s number one Smartphone Company in three years,” he said.

And he wants to hold this position for a long time, not for a short time.

That is why it is seriously considering entering the US market outside of China, and analysts believe that is why the decision was made to remove the May brand from its phones.

Most of Xiaomi’s phones are aimed at the low-income or middle class, but now the Chinese company wants to increase its stake in flagship phones, which are still dominated by Samsung and Apple.

Under the same strategy, Xiaomi introduced the May 11 Ultra Smartphone in 2021, priced at 5,999 yuan, while its first foldable phone is priced at 9,999 yuan.


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