No one knows when the electricity will come and when it will go. I don’t even trust the internet when it stops working. But despite all these difficulties, Rabia Naz Sheikh makes a video every day and uploads it on her fashion channel on YouTube.

YouTube is Rabia’s hobby as well as her source of income. While for many people in Pakistan, building their own house is no less than a dream, Rabia is succeeding in building her own two-room house with the income generated from here.

This source of employment has changed their lives.

Rabia Naz, a 25-year-old resident of Rahuja town in Khairpur district of Sindh, created a channel called ‘Fashion Addiction’ on YouTube a year ago, which now has more than 160,000 subscribers. On top of that, YouTube has given them a silver play button to encourage them.

Rabia Naz studied up to Inter and, according to her, she voluntarily discontinued her studies.

Speaking to the Techburaq, she said that she was very fond of YouTube and she had been watching YouTube on the internet since childhood. Many young people in Pakistan, including Rabia, consider Google as their teacher.

In such a situation, Rabia came up with the idea of ​​creating her own YouTube channel and letting people know about things that are of interest to her.

“I have mostly learned to make videos on YouTube from the internet. Help and training is available there. My brothers taught me video editing and I did the rest myself.

Rabia Naz makes a video every day. She says that before making her video, she looks at the work of the fashion channels that are running, what is their topic.

Then she looks at what kind of designs the women’s clothing brands are showing, i.e. what kind of cuts are in the clothes, what style her arms, pins, etc. are in and what is more in today’s fashion. Is popular

A well-known fashion company has thousands of employees for all these tasks, but Rabia is the ‘One Man Army’ for her channel.

“I used to go to different sites and download pictures,” she says. Then I write the script what to say. I will do voiceover in the next stage.

“I connect all these things to the pictures with the help of software and do editing. The whole process easily takes two and a half hours. Then when the work is done, I will upload this video on YouTube. ‘

Rabia Naz has a simple smartphone available to make videos of her channels, which is probably available to almost everyone nowadays.

They do not have their own computer or table or chair. She does this by sitting on the bed, leaning against the wall.

How to make money on YouTube?

By the time Rabia Naz was trying to improve her channel on YouTube, the corona virus had spread around the world and offices had closed. Rabia says she had a hard time because of the code.

“When YouTube monetizes someone’s channel, it sends a code via mail that pays. I didn’t get that code. We made several trips to the local post office, but no mail arrived. After that I emailed YouTube several times and finally they accepted my national identity card and released the money.

The next step after verification from YouTube was the bank account and it was not easy.

According to official figures, the number of Internet users in Pakistan is just over 60 million, and according to, as of January 2021, 35 million of them are using YouTube.

Telecom companies based in Pakistan are claiming 3G and 4G technology, but in rural areas of the country, there is a load shedding of six to eight hours a day.

Rabia Naz says there is no trust in electricity and internet and her village never has electricity or never has internet.

She makes videos after charging her mobile at night and as soon as the internet is restored and the speed improves, she uploads her video.


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