As Chairman Kashmir Committee, Sheharyar Khan Afridi, Pakistan’s Federal Minister, chose Ahsan Ali Butt as social media coordinator for the parliamentary Kashmir committee.
Ahsan Ali Butt thanked him, stating that “I thank Chairman Kashmir Committee Shahriar Afridi Bhai. Alhamdulillah, I was selected as the Social Media Coordinator of Parliamentary Kashmir Committee Pakistan and the notification was issued.”

Here Is Official Tweet From Kashmir Parliamentary Account (@KCPak4)
Besides playing an important role in Committee from raising a voice for Kashmir and driving World’s attention to this sensitive issue, Ahsan Ali Butt is presently Director of Jugloo groups of Companies and 14 other subsidiary companies. As well, he is a social activist, philanthropist, and leader of a Twitter team.
Tap on the following link to know more about Ahsan Ali Butt.


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