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Students from Balochistan develop a humanoid robot with their own help. This kind of unique work is an example of its own.

Aziz Shawani and Mukhtayar Ahmed from the MSc department of Physics prepare a robot from their own expenses in their final project.

This project is first in the history of Balochistan.

They design this robot themselves and their is no copy work at all.

This robot works the same as humans. Its legs, arms, and other parts work like humans. It blinks its eyes similar to the human. Its mouth also moves while talking.

Its neck can move at a 360-degree angle. it also has android abilities at the same time. It is controlled with the help of an app and android mobile phone. A message is designed in audio from them this robot work according to the audio message.

This robot can perform duties in the shopping mall, hospital, cinema, college, and at any place. This robot needs an SMS to perform accordingly.

This reply to all queries which are asked by it. It can talk to you and can call you by your name. It can handshake and hug.

Screen Shot

Dr. Ajaf Khan head of the department of physics told techburaq that, this is a unique project which is developed by our student without any grant.

Our students have great abilities and talent to perform this kind of work if they are supported with laboratories and financial assistance, he told.

he also told that the students work very hard and develop the project. This robot will compete in international competitions.


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