Cybersecurity experts warn that if someone receives an update link called “WhatsApp Pink” on their mobile phone, they should not click on it at all, as it is actually a virus that can penetrate their mobile phone. Possession of an unknown hacker.

It should be noted that this update link called “WhatsApp Pink” has been circulating in various social media groups for the last few days.

The explanation given with the update link states that this update will be installed on your mobile and will change the color of WhatsApp to pink, and this is what happens after clicking on it.

But as the color changes, this update can gain access to important information on your mobile phone, such as photos, SMS, videos, usernames and passwords, at the hands of an unknown hacker.

Experts warn that mobile users should not only click on “WhatsApp Pink” but also on any link sent to them by an unknown source.

However, if a user has clicked on “WhatsApp Pink”, he should immediately uninstall the WhatsApp from his mobile and if he has connected WhatsApp to another device (desktop / laptop). If so, disconnect it immediately from this device.

Additionally, go to Mobile “Settings” and clear the browser cache and check the permissions given to other apps. If an app is given irrelevant, unnecessary, or suspicious permissions, block them immediately.

It is hoped that after this operation, his mobile phone will be restored to its former state and will be safe again.


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