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The US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on a number of individuals and companies, including six Pakistanis and five companies, for allegedly interfering in the US elections in Russia under a new executive order issued by President Joe Biden.

According to the Treasury Department’s website, the new executive order, issued by President Biden, is aimed at imposing restrictions on property associated with damages to the Russian government.

According to the website, under the new executive order, the US Office of Foreign Assets Control’s list of “specially designated nationals” has been added, including the names of these Pakistani individuals and companies.

The US Treasury Department says “the president has issued this comprehensive order to address the growing negative attitude of Russia.”

Why were these restrictions imposed?

It is to be noted that US officials say that the Russian government had interfered in the 2020 US presidential election through various agents and companies. U.S. officials have made similar claims about the 2016 election, and reports from various U.S. agencies have confirmed the allegations.

Pakistani individuals and companies that have recently been banned are accused of helping Russian officials interfere in the US election.

It is widely believed that the Russian government wanted Donald Trump to win the 2020 US presidential election because President Trump had repeatedly said he was a fan of Putin. President Putin is said to have had undue influence on President Trump.

Pakistani company Second Eye Solutions is accused of giving the Russian company IRA photos of fake US driving licenses, with the help of which the IRA opened various media and other accounts and used these accounts to interfere in the US elections. Tried

Pakistani companies and individuals facilitated the bypassing of sanctions already imposed on Russian companies.

Which department has imposed sanctions?

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFEC) aims to enforce economic and trade sanctions in line with US foreign policy and national security goals.

According to the website, the sanctions could target individuals or companies that threaten other governments and countries, terrorists, drug smugglers, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and US national security, foreign policy and economic interests.

Similarly, the Special Designed Nationals (SDN) is actually a list of individuals and companies issued by OFEC that work for countries working against the United States. Such people are called (SDN).

Who are the Pakistani individuals and companies to be included in the list?

Ahmed Shehzad, one of the six included in the list, is said to be from Lahore.

The other five were said to be from Karachi. They include Syed Hasnain, Mohammad Khidr Hayat, Mohsin Raza, Mujtaba Ali Raza and Syed Ali Raza.

They are all between 26 and 35 years old.

Companies include Lycoise, Fresh Air Farm, MK Softtech, Second Eye Solutions and The Oxytech.


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