Leading television maker TCL has introduced the world’s first ‘roll able and foldable’ concept smartphone.

Called Fold n Roll, this smartphone has a unique design in which the display spreads out in 2 different ways.

It is currently a concept or prototype design, but the company will introduce a flexible screen phone sometime in 2021.

Fold n Roll has an Outward Folder and a rollable mechanism that expands the phone screen.

The phone is originally equipped with a 6.87-inch display, but when unfolded, it grows to 8.85 inches, making it the largest foldable screen phone ever.

But with the rollable mechanism, the screen becomes 10 inches, that is, the phone changes its shape to a 10-inch tablet.

The company also unveiled a prototype smartphone at the CES Technology Exhibition in January 2021.

It was a roll able phone with a 6.7-inch display that stretches to 7.8 inches, and this is done with the push of a button.

The company’s concept phone, which came out in 2019, had a slide-out display.

There was another display in this phone behind the first display which could be pulled out.

CSOT, a company owned by TCL, is the largest display manufacturer in China, having started making flexible LED panels in the last quarter of 2019.

Regarding this new concept phone, the company says that it will take some time to develop three-in-one devices like Fold n Roll on a commercial basis.

Other details of the concept phone have not been released by the company.


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