Instagram has started testing a new feature that will help you decide if you want to hide likes on your posts.

Instagram began testing the feature of hiding likes on posts on a limited number of users in 2019 to see what effects it had.

The company discovered that some consumers prefer Likes.

“We are now testing a new option where people can decide for themselves whether they want to hide likes on their posts,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement.

The statement said that users will be able to hide likes on their posts or retain likes.

The spokesperson said that this feature will also be introduced in Facebook soon.

When the feature was tested on Instagram in 2019, company chief Adam Missouri said it would reduce the pressure on young people to get more likes.

But Facebook thinks that hiding likes will actually encourage users to post more.

In fact, not only more posts, but the company thinks that users will spend more time in the app, which will further increase Facebook’s advertising revenue through Instagram users.

Adam Missouri has also acknowledged the potential impact, but the company’s explanations have repeatedly stated that it aims to improve the platform.


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