The President has approved the Higher Education Commission Amendment Ordinance 2021.

The HEC’s autonomy has been revoked under the ordinance, which will take effect on March 26. According to the ordinance, all decisions of the HEC will be subject to the approval of the Ministry of Education.

The appointment of Chairman HEC will be for 2 years, while the appointment of HOC members will be for 4 years.

The ordinance also states that the chairman and members of the HEC may take one more term. The ordinance will continue to operate in the name of the Higher Education Commission.

It may be recalled that the government had removed former chairman HEC Tariq Banuri from office on March 26. After which it was decided by the federation to formally subordinate the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to the Ministry of Education.

The ordinance on HEC was sent to the President for approval, after which the ordinance was issued on April 8.


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