The government’s efforts began to pay off, with the US dollar depreciating further against the rupee to a 22-month low.

According to the details, the rupee is strengthening against the dollar after the recovery in the national economy and reduction in the current account deficit.

The dollar depreciated by 23 paise in the interbank market, after which the dollar fell from 153.18 to 152.95 in the interbank market, the lowest level in 22 months.

Forex dealers say that despite the Corona epidemic, the dollar continues to depreciate after the country’s economy recovered and the current account deficit narrowed.

In an exclusive interview with ARY News, economist Muzammil Aslam welcomed the fall of the dollar and the appreciation of the rupee and said that the biggest reason for the fall of the dollar was the resumption of the IMF program. Pakistan will receive an additional $ 500 million.

Muzammil Aslam said that rupee was appreciating due to high inflow of dollar and appreciation of rupee would have a positive impact on the economy.


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