WhatsApp, Facebook’s proprietary mobile application used for messaging, has partnered with the World Health Organization.

“On World Health Day, we are proud to announce our partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO),” said a statement issued by WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp’s collaboration is aimed at raising awareness about the importance and usefulness of the corona vaccine, while also helping to eliminate negative feedback.

The partnership also aims to protect everyone around the world from getting vaccinated against coronavirus.

The administration said that under this program, a feature called ‘Vaccine for All’ has been introduced, in which various stickers have been added to express the joy of vaccination.

According to the WhatsApp, under the feature, vaccination will be offered through Sticker Z, while the services of healthcare heroes will also be appreciated.

It should be noted that after the exposure of the Coronavirus, WhatsApp took various measures to prevent misunderstood messages, under which the number of forwarding any message has been reduced to five.


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