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Toxic food and gas identification pen ready

China develops pen to identify poisonous food and poison gas.

According to a foreign news agency, China has developed a pen that can save human life by identifying stale food, fruits and vegetables, while this pen will also identify toxic gases.

The tip of the pen changes color due to the presence of toxic food and gas. A major accident can be avoided with advance notice of its presence.

Poisonous gas is used in wars or attacks which has no smell or color. In the same way, many food items emit gas vapors that we cannot smell even when they are spoiled.

The pen has been developed by the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Studies in China in collaboration with several institutions. The first prototype looks like a syringe and is very low cost and effective. It can also detect very small amounts of harmful chemicals due to its properties.

Such sensors typically use aggregation induced emission fluorescence (LED genes) and emit a kind of pigmented light after the harmful chemicals stick to them, but before that all these systems were based on liquids.

Now, Xiao Xiao, Pengfeng Zheng, Hiato Feng, Ben Zong Teng, and others have solidified the LED genus and put it on the tip of a needle. As soon as gas is emitted or a food vapor comes out, its tip becomes bright.

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