PTA orders the telecommunication company jazz to stop all advertisement campaigns that use the word 4G.

PTA explained that such words are misleading the there is nothing like Super 4G. Because these advertisements show a technological superiority over other telecommunication companies.

According to the letter by PTA to Jazz, the authority has directed the mobile operator to stop the term within 15 days by making essential arrangements. “A compliance report should be submitted to this office within the stipulated time period,” the letter said.

The authority has said that the term “Super 4G” and phrases like “Super nahi tou 4G nahi” are considered to be misleading for an average consumer as there is no justification for such superiority in terms of technology or otherwise have been intimated or witnessed.

PTA has examined the response provided by Jazz and the same is not consistent with the requirements of commercial practices as set out in Regulation 8 of Telecom Consumer Protection Regulations, 2009, thus, tantamount as misleading and ambiguous for an average consumer to take an informed transactional decision.

In response, Jazz has filed a petition in IHC pertaining to this matter and requested the court to set aside PTA’s order. The company requested the court to grant interim relief and direct PTA to refrain from taking adverse or coercive measures against the appellant pending a final decision.


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