The National Command and Control Center (NCOC) has issued guidelines on Ramadan following the growing number of coronavirus cases in the country.

According to the guidelines issued by the NCOC, the guidelines are for prayers in mosques, imambargahs and Taraweeh.

Mosques with courtyards will not be offered in the prayer hall in the Imambargah. Taraweeh should be organized in the premises of mosques and Imambargah.

According to the guide, abstain from praying on urban roads, sidewalks, mosques, imambargahs, ablution will be prohibited, worshipers should perform ablution from home, come to the mosque, imambargah, while performing ablution, use soap for 20 seconds.

According to the guidelines issued by the NCOC, carpets in mosques, imambargahs, rivers will not be laid, prayers will be offered on the floor in mosques, imambargahs, the floor should be washed with chlorinated water, urban mosque I prefer to bring a place of prayer from home, children over 50 years of age, children should not come to mosques, imambargah.

According to the guidelines, worshipers suffering from flu and cough should not come to mosques or imambargahs.

Worshipers should come to mosques wearing masks. Avoid holding public gatherings, keep a distance of 6 feet between the worshipers during queuing, mark the spacing of the rows for the convenience of the worshipers, form an implementation committee on the management SOPs.

According to the NCOC, in the current situation of Corona, the devotees should observe I’tikaf at home, mosques and imambargahs should not be provided with Sahar and Iftar, the Khatib should cooperate with the administration, mosques and imambargahs should be allowed subject to implementation of SOPs.

Yes, non-implementation of SOPs, the policy will be reviewed as the number of cases increases, the government has orders for severe affected areas, the authority to change policy.


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