Facebook, the world’s largest and most popular app, has introduced new features for users to further control the news feed.

The new features allow users to turn off the algorithm ranking of their feeds and view the content of their choice on the news feed.

A statement from the company said that with the new features, the user can control the comment audience, but this feature will only be able to control the audience selected from the menu.

The company says the new features will make it easier to configure and browse news feeds, as well as allow users to view custom content on news feeds.

Recently, Facebook introduced a feature called ‘Favorites’ which allows users to view the content of their friends and selected pages on a priority basis.

With the Favorites tool, any user can select up to 30 friends and pages, after which the posts of those friends or pages will appear on the news feed first.

Users can access the Favorites tool via the new menu “Feed Filter Bar” at the top of the News Feed.

Android users can access this option after scrolling through the news feed, while iOS users will also be able to access this feature in the next few weeks.


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