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Facebook quietly introduced big changes

Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site, quietly met the demands of users and introduced changes to the news feed after a long time.

Facebook has always been popular because of its new features and changes, and now the social site has introduced a new way to avoid online criticism.

Facebook has quietly introduced new features all over the world, including Pakistan, which are also being liked a lot.

If you haven’t noticed the new changes and features of Facebook, we’ll let you know what changes the social site has made to your account.

If you haven’t been to the bar menu on your Facebook homepage since March 31, go and see what changes the social site has introduced.

While you can see the features of Pages, Groups and Memories on Facebook’s homepage, Facebook has now introduced several new features, two of which Facebook introduced on March 31.

At the same time, the menu will now show users the features called ‘Most Recent’ and ‘Favorites’, which Facebook introduced on March 31.

After going to the ‘Most Recent’ feature, the user will also see posts from a second ago and all the posts in this feature will be fresh.

This feature allows the user to see the latest posts from each page or friend, which will be in the user’s contact.

Similarly, after going to the ‘Favorites’ feature, for the first time, a Facebook user will have to set their favorites and through this feature, each user has been given the option to add up to 30 accounts from pages and friends.

After setting this feature, the user will see the Favorites account posts on their news feed, i.e. homepage.

Similarly, Facebook has introduced another great feature, which can be used to avoid criticism on social media, but the feature is immediately available for large corporate pages, content creators, celebrities and brands. Has been introduced.

Under the said feature, personalities, organizations and brands have been given the facility to close or restrict the comments section on their posts if they wish.

This means that after posting, they are given an additional option to control the comments and under the new feature, Facebook will ask personalities, organizations and brands to allow only their special friends or pages to comment if they want. So close the comments section.

In addition to these features, Facebook has recently introduced sections and features such as Facebook Payment, Messenger Kids, Offers, Recent Activity, Friend Lists and Gaming Videos in other countries, including Pakistan.

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