Following the death of a Pakistani-born Uber driver in Washington, DC, the US has raised more than $ 700,000 through a ‘Go Fund Me’ page set up by his family.

The deceased, Mohammad Anwar, a Pakistani national, was a driver for the delivery company Uber Eats and used to deliver food.

He was killed a few days ago in a car theft near the National Park area of ​​Washington. Two teenage girls who tried to snatch his car have been charged with murder.

Through the “GoFundMe” page, people solicit donations and financial support from the public for a variety of purposes. Mohammad Anwar’s family had sought help for his Islamic burial and other expenses, including funeral rites, after his death.

A video of Mohammad Anwar’s death has also gone viral on social media in which painful scenes of his last moments can be seen.

How did Anwar die?

According to several local media reports, Mohammad Anwar was making an over-delivery near National Park in Washington D.C. last week when two girls, aged 15 and 13, tried to steal his car.

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An eyewitness standing nearby made a video of the incident and shared it on social media.

In this video, it can be seen that the two girls had reached inside the car during the theft, when Mohammad Anwar returned and tried to stop them. Meanwhile, the girls tried to seduce Mohammad Anwar through a teaser.

Muhammad Anwar was holding the car when the girls ran the car and the victim remained hanging with the car. After a few hundred yards, the vehicle collided with the sidewalk and overturned, while Muhammad Anwar fell several feet away.

National Guard personnel at the scene pulled the girls out of the vehicle, but before they could escape, an eyewitness who made the video warned everyone that she was trying to steal the vehicle.

Local police say the two girls had planned to steal the car before the incident. The girls have been charged with murder, manslaughter, car theft and possession of an illegal weapon (teaser).

The two girls are facing trial as minors, so authorities are not revealing their identities.

Who is Uber driver Anwar?

Muhammad Anwar, 66, moved to the United States with his family in 2014. And he is remembered as a loving, kind man.

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Many people on social media have expressed their grief and anger over the tragic death of Mohammad Anwar and will criticize various aspects of the whole incident.

Some users talked about the fact that Muhammad Anwar was a man who had left his homeland for a better future for himself and his family and was working hard to deliver food during the Coronavirus epidemic.


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