As Apple and other Big Tech companies target a market capitalization of about $1 trillion, many sectors are racing to follow suit, including the car industry.

But among those car names racing to reach this total valuation. Some companies are closer to the red finish line than other brands.

This is the data from Yahoo Finance to rank the world’s top car manufacturers by market capitalization.

One company is pulling far forward of the pack. In the competition to hold this coveted title, Tesla is the sure favorite till the present.

The electric vehicle (EV) and clean energy company very first became the world’s most helpful car manufacturer company in June 2020 and showed no signs of slowing its trajectory.

Tesla’s competitive advantage comes from its dedicated emphasis on research and development (R & R&D).

Many of its competitors have accepted that Tesla’s electronics far exceed their own—a teardown showed that its batteries and AI chips are about six years ahead of other industry giants such as Toyota and Volkswagen.


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