The vaccine to prevent brain cancer by awakening the immune system has successfully passed the first medical phase (Phase One Clinical Trial).

Developed on the basis of immunotherapy, this vaccine safely enables brain cells to attack normal cells as soon as they are transformed into cancerous cells.

The latest results of this research have appeared in the well-known medical journal Nature and in the first phase, it has been successfully proved to be useful and safe.

Now the second medical (clinical phase) phase will be started. But it should be noted that there are many types of cancer glioma that are born in the glial cells of the brain and some of them are up to 70% like healthy cells.

They spread throughout the brain and are very difficult to remove surgically. In 70% of low-grade glycemia (affected cancer cells), only one gene mutation or defect causes cancer. This gene is called ‘isooctane dehydrogenase one’ or IDH1.

The vaccine has been developed over the years by German expert Michael Platoon and colleagues. This vaccine targets IDH1. And in the case of glioma, it inhibits the production of proteins called moptops. It was tested on animals around 2015.

The procedure involved 33 patients with IDH-1 glaucoma, and the vaccine is named IDH-1. After the vaccine, 93% of patients developed an immune response and began to be targeted for IDH1 mutations.

On the other hand, security T cells also became active and 84% of people survived during the three-year study, although brain cancer kills a patient in 12 to 20 months. In addition, the security system of these patients remained strong even after three years.


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