YouTube has deleted 30,000 videos that shared misleading details about the Code 19 vaccine.

The details come six months after the company updated its misleading content policies regarding corona virus vaccines, according to Axis.

Prior to October 2020, YouTube had taken a hard line on the corona virus, but there was little emphasis on vaccines.

However, while updating the policies, it added a link to the details about vaccination in the information panels that check the facts regarding videos and searches related to Code 19.

According to a new report, since February last year, YouTube has removed more than 800,000 videos from its platform that spread misleading details about the Corona virus.

Increasing availability of vaccines has also increased the problem of misleading content about them and that is why Facebook and Twitter have further improved their policies.

Facebook has announced plans to crack down on misleading content on all vaccines, but YouTube’s policies only mention action against videos that contain World Health Organization and other guidelines. There will be conflicting details.

In October 2020, Google announced that videos based on false and misleading details about the Code 19 vaccine would be removed from YouTube.

The company will ban any material that contains information that contradicts the recommendations of the World Health Organization or a country’s medical administration.

The company said in a blog post that it also plans to remove videos that delete platforms that say the code 19 vaccine could kill people. Yes, they could be infertile, or it could be a way for governments to install surveillance chips.

However, apparently the company has no plans to completely remove the anti-vaccine material from the platform.

A company spokesman said videos expressing “major concerns” about the vaccine would not be removed.


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