Instagram, a Facebook-owned app, has been testing new features in the app over time, and only a limited number of users are tested before launching any feature worldwide.

Recently, the Instagram app was testing a new feature, during which the app was found to be malfunctioning.  This test started to be done in the accounts of many users instead of limited users.

The Instagram app was trying to hide the number of likes on the posts, and due to a glitch, the number of likes on the posts of several users was hidden.

A statement from the company later said that this was an unintentional occurrence which we are trying to fix as soon as possible, and users will quickly start seeing the likes of their posts back.

Remember that Instagram started testing the feature of keeping likes hidden from 2019.

The company said that the purpose of hiding the number of likes is to keep your followers on Instagram focused on what you have shared, not on how many likes are coming to your post.

The company clarified that this change’s primary purpose is to relieve the users from the pressure of how many likes they have on their posts while also comparing them with each other based on the number of likes.


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