Scientists from Germany have developed a device that they claim can predict death.

According to a German broadcaster, Deutsche Welle report, the claim was made by Alexander Koelpen, a professor at the Hamburg Technical University.

He says radar can be used to determine the position of aircraft, estimate the altitude of aircraft, and detect high-speed vehicles on the highway, so of course, this technology can also be used in the medical field.

It is said that German professor Alexander Coulpen-Haye and his team have developed susceptible sensors that can be used to continuously analyze both the heartbeat and the breath.

Professor Alexander Coulpan says the current focus of the research project is on children’s medical care.

We are mainly focusing on epileptic seizures. Epilepsy is not known to occur but is responsible for 20% of all sudden deaths in children.

He said that the reason for not diagnosing epilepsy in newborns was that the brain level in children could not be changed.

The motor of their brain has not yet reached the level of full consciousness change. The use of sensors can remotely monitor children’s movements without restricting their movement and to detect fits or epileptic seizures, thus providing timely treatment.

They claim that the heart radar system, developed with this new technology, has so far been used in the palliative care ward of a women’s hospital in Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany, before the patient dies.

The heart radar system now detects when death is approaching four days before dying. In this way, patients and their families know that it is time to say goodbye.


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