Do you also feel that sometimes unnecessary sounds in a shot video take away the video’s importance? If that is the case, then you have absolutely no need to worry about video editing.

On the social networking site Twitter, WhatsApp informed the fans about the new video-sharing feature.

You no longer have to record a new video clip to mute a video, but you can now mute an existing video on your phone before uploading it to status or sending it to a friend.

How to mute video?

1. Open WhatsApp Chat and select a video from your phone storage.

2. After choosing the video, you will see a sound icon at the bottom of the video adjusting bar.

3. Tap on the sound icon, after which the friend you send the video to or upload to status will be muted.

This feature was first used in the beta version in November last year, but now the WhatsApp administration has also introduced this feature for Android phones.


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