A popular social and messaging mobile application, WhatsApp gives users four ways to encrypt their chats.

WhatsApp has shared a tweet on the social networking site Twitter in which WhatsApp has presented users with information on four ways to secure their chats.

So let’s find out what are the four ways WhatsApp users can make their chats more secure.

Two-step verification:

WhatsApp introduces the first option, two-step Verification, in the presence of which no unauthorized person can access the WhatsApp user’s account.

Users now will have to go to the WhatsApp settings, select the account and enter a provided six-digit code. After which, this option will be activated.

If users forget the security six-digit code, they will change it via email message.

The Reporting spam:

If other users are texting someone even though they are not on his contact list, or if someone finds the message suspicious, then he can notify WhatsApp quickly.

When someone clicks on a message sent from this number, three options will appear on his mobile screen. He can notify WhatsApp by choosing the report option.

In this process, WhatsApp has also informed the users about the process of joining the WhatsApp group.

Personal Information:

WhatsApp administration gives users the option not to share with anyone or anyone involved in personal profile contact. With this option, one can choose any option he wants. It is up to users not to share profile photos with all contacts or anyone else.

No one can read your message:

In this process, WhatsApp has again assured users that no one can read your messages.

According to WhatsApp, users’ chats are entirely private. No one can see or read messages, not even WhatsApp.


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