According to WhatsApp, more than 2 billion users send 100 billion WhatsApp messages every month. More than one billion calls are made daily.

WhatsApp revealed data about messages and calls do WhatsApp users make each month.

WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned application, has released some statistics on app usage on its twelfth anniversary.

A tweet was made today from the official Twitter handle of WhatsApp on the social networking site Twitter.

WhatsApp says we are committed to protecting your privacy with end-to-end encryption and will continue to do so. Happy 12 years of WhatsApp forever and ever.

Recently, the US website TechCrunch claimed that users who do not support the new WhatsApp privacy policy will temporarily close their WhatsApp accounts after May 15.

The website said that users who do not accept privacy after May 15 will not read WhatsApp messages or send any message to their friends through WhatsApp. The account will be deleted entirely after another 120 days.


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