In this age of progress or conquest, experts are at the forefront of inventing astonishing things.

In this regard, a Dutch engineer has developed a lunch box in which a stove and microwave have been installed.

The box is named “Heat Box”. It is charged via USB.

After charging it, you can take it anywhere. Just switch on the food before eating, after which the steam inside heats the food well.

This all is done with just 20 ml of water which goes into the steel pot inside.

 The food can be closed by placing a lid on it.  Thus, the hot steam passing through each part of the food heats it instantly.

When you want to eat hot food, open the top lid and cover the inner layer. Take off and press the outside button, heat the metal material inside the steel, open the water with it, and start circulating inside.

The lunch box’s internal valves maintain the steam pressure, and thus the pressure inside the vessel does not rise to alarming levels.

This way, you can also reduce, moderate and raise the lunch packs’ temperature through the app. This lunch box is priced at the USA $150.


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