Use of Social Media has become a pattern now in the world. Every few months, there’s sound and ferocity over the behave of a social media platform. Allegations fly fast and furious on social media stages. Social media platforms term themselves as healers of the social ills, technological innovators and venues for the masses.

With the growing incidence caused by fake forwarded messages through social media platforms, top legal experts in Pakistan have urged the government to come up with guidelines for regulating social media as early as possible.

Pakistan needs to design a regulation that may effectively curb fake news and make legal enforcement more effective. Such guidelines should ideally be framed very early through expert and industry body consultations.

These are the possible ways where Social media platforms can be regulated in Pakistan:

1-Regulations for online news portals and content providers

Pakistan’s government should issue an order bringing online news portals and content providers such as what’s app Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. These should be under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting authority as a first step to regulate Social media.

2-Harmful Content should be banned

The Pakistan government should enact laws and rules banning online Content it believes inappropriate. The rugged body should be established to cater for the unwonted Content –evolved through the internet Government of Pakistan should introduce regulations for chat groups, live-streaming and short videos. These steps to stop ill Content will ultimately help to impede hate speech, intolerance and terrorism.

3- Great Firewall should be established

Great Firewall is the complex web of internet-filtering systems that block access to fake news sites and low social media networks. One of the easiest ways to get around the Great Firewall is to use a virtual private network (VPN), which generates an encrypted channel for data between the user and the internet.

4-Need of Real-name registration

Real-name registration is in place everywhere from discussion forums to video games to blockchain platforms. Although users do not have to display their real names to the public via these services, they must provide their identity card and mobile phone numbers to the service providers. If this practice becomes common, then Identity cannot be hidden.

5-Full Control over Data

The cornerstone of Pakistan’s internet should be full control over data. The country’s cyber security laws should require internet companies operating in Pakistan to store user data on local servers and allow examinations when authorities believe necessary.

6-generation of Human content moderators

Pakistan’s internet companies employ human censors to police the content generated by users on their platforms – and the numbers keep growing. Pakistan and China most popular live-streaming apps, artificial intelligence should employ to handle the sound work of sorting content.

7-Need of the Screen time limits for kids

Pakistan’s government should demand video game developers incorporate time limits for underage users, to prevent addiction and childhood myopia. There is also a need to introduce pilot projects on viral short video apps, including Tik Tok, and allow parents to limit screen time for young users to 40 minutes per day. Once the child lock is on, underage users will see only videos deemed appropriate for young people.

8-There should be punishment for harassment

On top of all the online restrictions, Pakistanis authorities should infiltrate real lives to control online hate speeches. The hate speech publishers and speakers should be and arrested for the ContentContent they posted online.


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