Twitter declared on Tuesday that its user base jumped to about 192 million in the US presidential election riot and war versus false information.

Ranks of “monetizable” everyday active Twitter users rose 27 per cent from a year earlier during the fourth quarter, which closed just days before ex-US president Donald Trump was kicked out from the power game.

And the one-to-many messaging place that was used relentlessly by Trump has been rising at an above-average pace after his high-profile eviction.

“We are platform that is certainly much larger than any one topic or any one account,” Dorsey explained.

He also said, “We are also not dependent upon just news and politics being what drives Twitter.”

Some 80 per cent of Twitter users are outside the US. The service has supplemented tools to enable people to tune into topics they find interesting and keep conversations civil, Dorsey explained.

“Life without Trump is shifting out to be not only less aggravating but a lot limited hiurting to the social network than a lot of us thought,” told by A examiner Rob Enderle of Enderle Group.

“He was running heavy traffic, but it was very focused. I am not sure a lot of those people are reading the ads.”

In early January, Twitter suspended Trump over posts accused of inciting lethal violence in the US Capitol, as social media struggled to respond to violence by supporters buying into his baseless attacks on the election’s honesty.

The unprecedented sanctions came after the president took social media to replicate his numerous false allegations about fraud and other errors in the last election he lost by Joe Biden.

Dorsey said Twitter remained focused on “promoting more robust conversations” at the service, tending to test a Birdwatch feature that lets people recognize misleading tweets and provide information adding context.

During the pilot phase, Birdwatch notes are being posted on a particular website.

Dorsey reasoned that “decentralizing” the content moderation process by enlisting Twitter users casts a much wider net for misinformation than the company could manage internally.

“Finally, this is a problem best resolved by people using Twitter itself,” Dorsey said.

“It allows people to provide more context for the things we are not able to handle as a centralized service.”

He also supported putting more power in users’ hands when it comes to the algorithms that rank content, giving them more choices in such recommendation software.

“That will not only help our business, but drive more people into participating in social media in the first place,” Dorsey maintained.

Twitter announced profit nearly doubled from a year earlier to $222 million on income that towered 28 per cent to a record $1.29 billion.

The results sparked a decent uptick in Twitter shares, which has been working to raise advertising. It seeks to expand its base beyond its core audience of celebrities, journalists and politicians.

“Twitter caps off a turbulent 2020 with a strong performance,” eMarketer analyst Nazmul Islam said of the quarterly results that beat market expectations.

Twitter warned that ad revenue could take a hit from Apple’s changes to the iOS software powering its mobile devices.

A new Apple feature referred to as a “privacy nutrition label” tells users what tracking data is gathered by mobile apps and asks for consent via an onscreen prompt.

Tracking data is used to target advertising in ways that make it more likely to get clicks, making money for platforms in the process.

“Assuming the global pandemic continues to improve and that we see modest impact from the rollout of changes associated with iOS 14, we expect total revenue to grow faster than expenses in 2021,” Twitter said


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