Activity trackers, fitness watches, smart bathroom scales, and other products can help lose weight quickly.

Obesity has become a major issue now a day. The obesity epidemic affects nearly half a billion people globally—obesity results in many diseases, including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Junk Food, excessive use of gadget, beverages and late-night sleep are the dominant cause of the weight gain. Particularly women are the major victim because they remain in the house for more time and have no physical activity. Where technology brings a stream of problems, it also helps in many ways. In obesity, technology can be very useful in the five following ways.

1-Gene Suppression

To overcome the side effects of current anti-obesity drugs, researchers have developed a specific gene silencing therapy against a fatty acid metabolism gene, Fabp4. Researchers used a CRISPR interference system wherein catalytically dead Cas9 protein and single-guide RNA was targeted to white adipocytes with a tissue-specific fusion peptide. According to the research, Fabp4 repression resulted in a 20% reduction in body weight and improved insulin resistance and inflammation after just six weeks of treatment.

2-Keep track of the facts

Weight-management Web sites can help you have eyes on everything from your food to your mood. A recent study explains that constant users who recorded their weight at least once a year can uphold the most weight loss. The best sites are those that encourage you to input your weight, exercise regularly, and calories consumed—each other and with nutrition and exercise experts.

3- Start an e-mail chain.

From different studies, it concluded that in a result of encouraging e-mails from a dietitian are helpful to maintain weight loss. The same method could also work between family and friends, class fellows and colleagues.

4- Turn your phone into a coach.

In light of various researches, about 15% of cell phone owners use apps to manage their weight. A Pew research centre report explains that hundreds of thousands of apps are available to instantly lose weight.

If one eats out, download an app with restaurant calorie info; if one love to cook, pick one that generates healthy meal plans complete with recipes; there are also apps specific to disease conditions and food allergies.

 5-Ultrasound Melting Cavitations

Ultrasonic cavitations are a cosmetic procedure that used to break apart fat heaps in your body. The treatment claims to work as an effective, less invasive alternative to liposuction.


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